Fall Cleaning – Prepping for the Holiday Cooking Season

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Spring cleaning typically centers around clearing out your closets, donating clothing, etc. and deep cleaning everything. By contrast, Fall cleaning might singularly involve getting your kitchen in order for the upcoming cooking season. We’ve collected the best organizing tips from the experts to make your kitchen efficient for the most hectic of cooking sprees!

Pullout Cabinet Organizers

Kitchen cabinets are actually pretty deep, especially the lower ones but we tend to keep things only in the front to avoid having to flail blindly around to reach something in the way back. Pullout organizers give you full access, allowing you to see every little last thing and make the most of all of the storage available to you in any size kitchen.

Drawer Dividers
For the top, shallow drawers, hopefully you’re familiar with silverware trays and other organizers to help you grab-and-go with your kitchen tools. For the deeper drawers, dividers can help you keep pot lids and cookie sheets vertical and free up additional space alongside.

Clear Storage Bins

Clear containers can, at the least, allow you to quickly gauge when you’re running low on staples. They can also really sharpen up the aesthetics of your pantry and often keep food fresher than in the original packaging.

Containers for Leftovers
The meal is over and you’ve got a pile of leftovers to put away. But you’re confronted by a mess of containers and lids that never fit them. Your first step will be to invest in a new set of matching bottoms and tops. Then, purchase an organizer that allows you to compactly store the lids like records just above the nesting containers.

Stepped Shelving for Under the Sink
Finally, everything is put away, but… you’ve still got to clean up. Even under-the-sink can do with a little sprucing up. A stepped shelf allows you to elevate items in the back so you can easily see what you have and choose what you need.

Even though the holiday table might be smaller this year, no doubt the feast will still be grand no matter who’s coming over and we hope we’ve helped make everything go a little smoother this year!


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