Easy and Affordable Renovation Projects to Tackle During This Pandemic

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After a couple of months of lockdown, some workplaces and businesses are opening up. Distancing restrictions are still in place, however, and we are still looking at a lot more time at home than most of us have ever spent before. TV, movies and games might be getting old and the oven may need a break from baking marathons. Budgets are likely still tight and supplies could be difficult to obtain, so more traditional home DIY undertakings might not be applicable just yet. We’ve rounded up a list of projects you might not yet have considered that will not break tenant/landlord agreements or your bank account with items you might already have around the home.

A Pop of Color

Perhaps the most obvious undertaking is to change up the vibe at home with a new wall color – either in an entire room or maybe just an accent wall. While this may be a common home reno trick, it’s a solid choice. A new color can change your entire mood, affect the light in your space and influence your décor. This usually brings with it the responsibility of painting it back to white after you move out, but the benefit to your psyche could be very worth it.

A New Perspective

Perhaps the easiest on this list is a simple rearrangement of the furniture in a room. Aside from the obvious new view to be had from the couch, new efficiencies can be found, the Feng Shui seriously upgraded and even a makeshift hallway can be made all from a new configuration. You might even swap some pieces out from another room, simultaneously refreshing multiple spaces. And, if you don’t like it – it’s easy enough to move it all back as if it had never happened. (This might also give you a great reason to finally vacuum places you don’t often get to reach!)

A Studied Art

Many probably don’t give much thought to the arrangement of books on a shelf, but in recent years (and then, many years ago), it was vogue to apply some sort of order to them. Some like to consider size – largest to smallest. Others enjoy matching binding colors to the room’s décor (of course, some might need to be banished to storage if they no longer work). Other organizing principles include alphabetizing, grouping by genre or by purpose. The activity could prove to be meditative or you might find yourself getting lost for a few hours as you come across a book you always meant to revisit.

Caring for Your Kitchen Workhorses

Annoyed when you grab that knife while in the middle of preparing dinner and it’s impossibly dull? Wish your wooden cutting board was as beautiful as the day you bought it? This is a great time to get those back in prime condition. Grab your chef’s knife, paring knives and even your steak knives and pull out your wet stone (or purchase one if you never owned one). For your cutting and cheese boards, apply mineral oil or beeswax and let soak overnight. 

If You Build It…

Been meaning to spruce up the place with some new lampshades? What about a new coffee or side table? How about a throw pillow? Even if you weren’t looking for something new, these are items that can go a long way to making a room feel new to you and they are easier than you might think to craft yourself. These will likely require an investment in a few materials and tools, but they are fairly basic and you might be able to borrow them. Instruction abounds online for these simple projects and you’ll be able to follow along easily enough.

These endeavors can be fun to tackle solo, with children or as a family and will leaving you feeling proud to show them off once you’ve finished.


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