Earth is Everything in 2020 Apartment Design Trends

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With the launch of a new year, you might feel especially in the mood for a fresh new look around the apartment. Perhaps even more so than last year, nature-inspired products and colors are predicted to be prevalent again this year. 

Products that aren’t highly manufactured and more closely resemble their organic state are experiencing a renaissance. Woven textiles, natural wood, stone and gold, bronze and iron metals are increasingly featured in furniture and décor in their natural hues in pieces for all rooms of the home. 

Paint colors, wall coverings and art pieces are also emerging in a playful kaleidoscope of biophilic colors. Authentic hues such as soft neutrals, warm pinks, rich greens, deep blues and earthy terra cottas are prevalent. Botanical prints – grand and delicate – are also widespread. 

Real houseplants from monster monsteras to miniature succulents to edible kitchen gardens are replacing faux flowers and trees, bringing the outside in while also helping to clean the air and provide a Zen sense of connection with nature. In fact, some are even resurrecting the “garden room” as a sunny place to soak in the colors, scents and life of plants.

The theme isn’t all about appearances, though. Sustainable materials with a strong tie to responsible manufacturing are definitely taking up a significant share of the market. Products that are made with non-toxic materials, designed for durability, made with fair trade practices and use less energy and water in production and usage are now being sought by the mainstream consumer. Valuing individual crafters and small communities rather than large companies that offer mass-produced products is also important.

Infusing your apartment with items that remind you of the natural world will surely get you and your apartment ready to launch into the new decade with a refreshing revamped vibe.


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