DIY Apartment Hacks

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Apartment living can mean sacrificing space for an ideal location, cheap rent or other amenities. With one bedroom apartments averaging 721 square feet in Los Angeles, 768 in Chicago and 654 in Austin, even the smallest of organizing efforts can make a big difference. To make the most of your small space, we scoured the web for the best organizing hacks this side of the 405. 1. Label your kitchen accessories 
Using a Cricut machine, you can design and print these labels onto clear vinyl. Then simply cut them out, peel off the backing and stick! That way you can pour ingredients and spices from their original containers into bottles that either fit your space better or are more aesthetically pleasing.
2. Use hanging shoe bags for cleaning supplies
Both over-the-door and closet hanging shoe organizers can be used to store cleaning products, toilet paper, washcloths, you name it.
3. Think up and under for kitchen storage
Hanging mason jars not only keep your kitchen counters clutter-free, but they just look damn cool. Use this DIY idea to store ingredients or snacks you use often.
4. Organize your kitchen drawers 
Try the Container Store’s Kitchen Drawer Start Kit so you don’t cut yourself on a kitchen knife when you go to open that second bottle of wine. 
5. Extra shower storage 
Not enough room around your tube for all your shower products? Hanging them up means you have more edge-of-the-tub room, and you don’t even have to bend over to use them! 
6. Use a tension rod to cleaning supplies
If the over-the-door cleaning product organizer isn’t really your thing, clear up some under-the-sink space by installing a simple tension rod to hang spray bottles over. 
7. Keep chips fresh and save space
Probably the easiest and most effective item of the whole list. 
8. Hide hair tools inside the bathroom cabinet
Use a hair organizer that hangs on the inside of your bathroom cabinet. Check out this one at the Container Store
9. Organize your water bottles
Use file organizers to stack bottles on top of each other instead of having to reach to the back of the cabinet to grab the last one. 
Need a space to DIY? Find your ideal spot on RadPad, then get to organizing! Or if you already have a place, start paying your rent online instead of writing paper checks like it’s the 1700s or whenever it was that paper was a thing.
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