Decorating on a Budget

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First apartment? Downsizing? Tight Budget? You can assemble all that you need for a beautiful, pulled-together apartment by applying a just little creativity. We’ve got a few secrets to affordable decorating so your home retreat can be the comfy, cozy space of your dreams. These few inexpensive projects will infuse your space with character and style and make it feel like home.

Sweat Equity

It’s important to begin this topic with the fact that many landlords are actually amenable to improvements to permanent features of the apartment if you are willing to do the work. Light fixtures, wall color, countertops and more might be able to be changed if you’re up to the task


Framed art can be expensive. Thrift stores and yard sales might be a surprising source of fun treasures. Or, you can create your own. A blank canvas from an art supply store can empower you to take a turn at self-expression. Even the frame can be cleverly formed from collected twigs, antique pieces – any interesting straight surface. Seemingly mundane items can also be repurposed into art – favorite album covers, maps from past trips, interesting pieces of fabric, a photo collage, pressed flowers or leaves… mix it up and change it up whenever you wish.


If you don’t have carpet, a rug will warm up the space, add a pop of color, protect your floor and even define a smaller space in a large area. Even if you have carpet, an area rug can hide dingy quality or brighten up a drab color. Rugs can be quite expensive, but these days you can find fairly inexpensive options online.


This is often the most expensive element of a room. Fabric-covered pieces such as couches should likely be purchased new, but vintage and retro hard-surfaced pieces can instantly add personality to a room for a small investment.


Color is the primary strategy interior designers use to create a custom look to a room. Painting over that white wall is the first way to add warm and color. But color can also be introduced by painting furniture, adding throw pillow and a blanket, investing in new lamp shades, even weekly fresh flower arrangements will provide a pop of color that will wow your guests.


Don’t settle for the finishes that the apartment came with – make it your own!

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