Cable Companies in LA: What Are Your Options?

For being the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles seems to have a surprisingly small choice of cable options to keep Angelenos entertained at home. We have created a comprehensive list of cable providers in the LA area for you to choose from. 


Traditional Cable Companies

These are the guys that started it all. Benefits of using a traditional cable company include:

  • Often pre-wired for your building
  • Include competitive plans at price points designed to fit any budget
  • No installation fees

Unfortunately, traditional cable companies are regulated by the government and associated agencies. This means that cable companies have zones where they may be the sole provider allowed to operate. Check out this map to learn more about who your cable provider is.

Time Warner Cable – Time Warner dominates the city in coverage and number of subscribers according to the LA Times, but its unfriendly user interface and confusing pricing plans may have viewers looking elsewhere. Nevertheless, Time Warner offers a robust selection of channels, packages and bundles that give subscribers numerous price points to check out. If you are a current customer and feel that you are paying too much, contact their customer service department. Often times, they can work out a plan that is more affordable for you without cutting your level of service.

Charter Communications – if you live in the Valley, Malibu or eastern parts of Los Angeles, Charter may be an option for you. Charter offers comparable plans, services and bundles to Time Warner and the user interface on their cable boxes is virtually the same. 

Cox – If you live in parts of the South Bay, Cox may be your provider (mainly Rancho Palos Verdes). Cox, like the other two major cable companies in the area offer multiple plans, bundles and packages catering to different price points. Lucky for you, Cox recently updated their user interface for their cable boxes and it is a breeze to use.

Satellite Cable Companies

Satellite providers claim to provide better picture and sound quality than “digital cable” as their networks are 100% digital (some cable companies signals travel over coaxial cable that has been around since the 1970s). If you bundle Internet services with them, your Internet will run through a phone line.

DirecTV – Based right here in El Segundo, DirecTV is one of the largest satellite broadcast companies in the world. Similar to Time Warner, they have plenty of options in terms of programming, packages and bundles. However, before you order, make sure you check with your landlord to see if they allow satellite dishes to be installed on the property.

Dish Network – If you are looking to compare services between the two largest satellite broadcast companies available in LA, Dish and DirecTV, they are not going to make it easy for you. Both companies offer slightly different services with slightly different price points. When you do a side by side comparison, Dish usually comes in about $10 less per month. However, its important to call both companies to see their latest specials. Also, remember to ask your landlord or property management company if installing a dish is allowed at your building.

Telecom Cable Companies

The phone companies have also entered into the cable market. Benefits include price reduction for mobile phone subscribers and some of the newest cable user interfaces out there. This can definitely improve your TV watching experience.

AT&T U-verse – AT&T’s U-verse plans come in competitively priced with the cable and satellite companies. If you use AT&T for your mobile phone service, they will give you discounts to try U-verse. Their plans are competitively priced with major cable and satellite providers with the added benefit of a beautiful and easy to use user interface for their cable services. AT&T U-verse is not offered in every neighborhood in LA, so make sure to contact them to see if it is available in your neighborhood. U-verse is installed through your phone line and via cat-5 lines, the latter of which may require a landlord’s consent.

Verizon FiOS – Similar to U-verse, Verizon customers will benefit from bundled services with their mobile phones. U-Verse has many plans across the price spectrum and a snappy user interface for their cable services. FiOS does require some exterior work for their fiber optic cable hubs, so make sure to ask your landlord if that is permissible.

Next Generation Streaming Options


Are you renegade enough to “cut your cord?” Keep in mind that watching local news, live sports and premium events will be tougher. However, streaming options offer a much lower price point and only require a high speed Internet connection to work on your laptop. Before you go all out, make sure to give Hulu Plus, Netflix and Redbox’s trial services a shot. Also, if you own an Amazon Prime account (for guaranteed two-day shipping), you already have access to their entire streaming library. Want to watch it on the big screen? You can buy HDMI cable adapters for your PC or inexpensive streaming boxes like a Roku or Apple TV.

Already streamlined your cable service? Do the same for your monthly rent payments. Pay rent with a debit card (totally free!) or credit card (1.99% and up fee) and we’ll send a check to your landlord for you every month, on time. As long as your landlord knows how to cash a check (and we’re pretty sure they do) you can pay with RadPad.