Bring the Outside in For Fall Color

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If don’t have a garden of your own, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of those gorgeous fall plantings that bring a festive pop of color. 

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If you have an entrance to the outside, a large container offers a bite-sized “garden” that is easy to maintain and lends itself to an easy refresh for each of the four seasons (or simply when the mood strikes). For moderate climates, this shortlist of our favorite fall plants accounts for cooler temperatures and lower light levels:

  • The Chrysanthemum, a quintessential end-of-summer plant, comes in a rich array of coppers, yellows and burgundies.
  • Pansies are a great low groundcover that comes in a variety of colors, including purples, crimsons and other jewel tones.
  • Tall, feathery grasses offer a lovely ombre effect with tan, purple and brown hues.
  • One croton delivers an eye-catching blend of green, orange and yellow.
  • Flowering kale provides a striking green with a bright purple accent and makes a great centerpiece.


For desert climates, focusing on succulents that incorporate the warm flushes of fall and playing with height and depth can evoke the spirit of the deciduous season.

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If you don’t have outdoor space, any plants by themselves or combined in smaller containers should do well in a sunny window for the short season.

If you want something that might last past than the first frost, fall lends itself well to arrangements of dried seed pods, berries, flowers, leaves, grasses, corn and other preserved end-of-season adornments. Even though they are dried, they can still bestow an intriguing variety of colors and texture. 

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Don’t forget the container! A bronze pot or ceramic container in hues that complement the season’s colors can offset your work perfectly. A beautiful, festive way to bring those fall colors to your home.


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