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Houseplants and indoor gardens are all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. They are a classic and effortless way to elevate a space and can be used as beautiful design elements no matter what your interior style! If you’re still not sold on the trend, consider this; according to NBC News, indoor plants help remove toxins from the air, improve concentration and productivity, and reduce stress levels. Gardening and caring for plants indoors can be intimidating, but trust us, it’s easier than you think.

We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to bring the benefits of nature into your apartment!

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Potted Plants & Sunny Windows

Plants and sun go together like “Netflix and chill.” If you do have a sunny window, pots lined up on the sill, a hanging plant from the ceiling, or a perfectly situated plant stand typically suffice. Typical houseplants work well here, as well as small edible plants such as herbs and microgreens, though these will typically need additional light in the winter.


LED Lights

For those without access to a sunny spot, LED lights specifically designed to provide an optimal spectrum of light for plants are affordable, readily available and use very little energy. Choose between individual fixtures that can be placed near plants that need some extra love and elegant self-contained systems with built-in lighting schedules.


Hydroponic Systems

Plants actually grow faster in water and there is now an array of hydroponic garden systems available on the market, from unobtrusive mini sizes to extra-large assemblies for home vegetable farming. Grow lights are included and nutrients are supplied in liquid form. Most kits are “smart” and notify you when to add water and nutrients and track growing cycles.


Go Vertical

“Green walls” describe wall-mounted or stand-alone structures designed for the sole purpose of supporting many plants together, creating a uniform aesthetic. Tropical and shade plants work best in this environment as the walls are likely to be located away from the sun, though they can also be situated near windows or LED lighting. The systems incorporate trays that are lined with potted plants. The trays also hold water and usually need to be filled only every few weeks.


Whatever you’re in the mood to grow, from houseplants to flowers to vegetables, you are no longer limited by your four walls!

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