Beds That Hide in Plain Sight

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Have a studio or one-bedroom apartment and need more space for an office, storage or extra guests? Or, maybe you need all three. You could relegate your guests to the couch (perhaps,  gracefully give up your bedroom) or set up your “desk” at the kitchen table. But what if your extra room or bedroom could be used for more?

Beds that hide in plain sight

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What’s Old is New

Offering the ultimate in space transformation, a Murphy Bed folds up completely to free up square footage for working, playing or entertaining. These full-size, full-comfort beds magically disappear when folded out of the way. The concept was introduced decades ago and originally required permanent attachment to a wall, making it an unattractive option for apartment dwellers. Recently, no-mount options have popped up, achieving stability by converting the bed to a desk (with a tall wall behind it when folded) or tucking it into a console. The additional width prevents it from falling over. These typically come in a queen size for plenty of room for one or two to share. A variety of colors and finishes ensure it will coordinate perfectly with your existing décor.

Beds that hide in plain sight

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Not Just for Kids

A loft bed, while not hidden, exactly, offers just as much utility as a Murphy bed. The space underneath can be used for a desk, play area, library, storage or another bed. While the most popular size is a twin, loft beds can be sized up to a king with no compromise in stability. These are also quite common and come in many colors and finishes.

Beds that hide in plain sight

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Folded Away

A foldaway bed or cot is a great option for those that want a more transient solution. It’s a lightweight unit that can be carried to any room that needs to host an extra sleeper. Some even come with wheels for back-saving mobility. Foldaway beds have also been around a while, but have been upgraded to include thick, luxurious memory foam mattresses (you might want to use it yourself!). These are usually only a couple hundred dollars and can be stored in a closet or, depending on the mattress thickness and size, under a bed.

bed hiding in plain sight

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Living Room by Day

Perhaps the most common setup for the infrequent overnight guest, a sofa or daybed serves as seating most of the time but can be unfolded to reveal its secondary function. A day bed offers a twin size bed, while a sofa bed can provide up to king size accommodation for true stretching-out luxury. Both are so ubiquitous that there are almost unlimited options as far as fabrics, colors, quality, cost and availability. A day bed can also be DIY’d with a twin bed and strategic use of pillows.

Bed Hiding in Plain Sight

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Bed in A Drawer

A cozy option, the trundle bed, disguises a mattress behind the side panel of a bed or daybed frame. When you have an extra overnight guest, simply pull it out, add sheets and pillows and you’re all set. The bed sits close to the floor, but can’t be beat for small spaces.

Any of these options can free up valuable space and give you an entirely new perspective on your apartment!


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