Barbie’s Dream RadPads


Last week, I learned Mattel launched the Barbie Fashionista line: a body-positive variety of dolls coming in new shapes (curvy, tall, and petite), fresh skin tones and flawless hairstyles. I couldn’t contain my excitement thinking about all the new adventures Barbie will have as she adopts the new looks, attitudes, and cultures beyond that of her original model which was introduced to youngsters 57 years ago (yes, I had a collection of Barbies growing up, only one or two really, but for a boy in the 90’s that was still pretty groundbreaking).

“Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes.” – Mattel Inc.

The Barbie Fashionista embodies a lifestyle of diversity in regards to careers, relationships, and in my opinion, housing! I have learned the original Barbie is and always will be a proud homeowner. However, if we place the Barbie Fashionistas into the millennial trend of renting versus homeownership, we can’t help but assume Barbie would love a fabulous lease.

In 2016 renting is the chic lifestyle, and we value the opportunity to explore different neighborhoods, communities, and countries outside of our comfort zone. Using RadPad’s data comprised of thousands of renters and of course, my imagination, I am proud to present Barbie’s 2016 Dream Rentals!


Barbie By the Bay
San Francisco, CA – The Marina District
2 bdrm | 2 bath | Apartment | $5,895 per month 

Having sold her first company for $5.2 billion at the end of 2015, Barbie can now afford the luxury of having only one roommate in her fantastic Marina District apartment. Located on the edge of the Presidio, Barbie can take a jog with glorious views of the Golden Gate Bridge, have lunch at her favorite vegan pizza parlor, and get to an important meeting in FiDi in minutes. She and her roommate, Raquelle, love living in San Francisco and do their part to help women overcoming violence by volunteering at Glide.

Barbie_Fashionista_2016Keep Barbie Weird
Austin, TX – South Congress (SoCo)
1 bdrm | 1 bath | Apartment $1,250 per month 

If it’s March in Austin, rest assured Barbie is taking in #SXSW2016. This is just one of many incredible festivals Barbie has come to love after moving to Austin in 2014 for the incredible job opportunities and an affordable cost of living. In her spacious SoCo apartment, she lives within walking distance, or a quick Uber-ride, from Austin’s thriving music scene and night life. When she’s not working she performs folk music at local coffee shops and also happens to have a most discerning taste when it comes to the best craft-beers in town.

Barbie_Fashionista_2016Barbie lives Capitol Chill
Washington, D.C. – Adams
Studio | Apartment $1,525 per month

Barbie’s dreams of serving her hometown of Willows came true when she was elected to the House of Representatives representing the 9th District of Wisconsin. Barbie understands the importance of the American laborer after befriending many hard-working farm families. Since her office requires her to live in both Wisconsin and the Capitol, Barbie rents a sensible studio in the lovely Adams Morgan district of D.C., while still a homeowner in Willows. Adams Morgan provides her with ample public transportation, incredible street festivals, and a farmers market filled with cheeses from her hometown. She is a role model in her community, and her political achievements in the Education and Workforce committee are touted by politicians everywhere.


Barbie_Fashionista_2016Barbie goes Digital in Denver
Denver, CO – Speer
3 bdrm | I bath | House $2,300 per month

Barbie is all about family, the great outdoors and delivering the most relevant news to her community. She is the executive producer of Denver’s Channel 20 News digital team and happily dating snowboarding Olympian, Ken Carson.  Barbie dreams of owning a big house with a yard big enough for her puppy, Tanner, to frolic. Until that time she rents her dream townhouse in the Speer neighborhood complete with park access, safety, and the short commute to work she loves. Barbie’s philanthropy to save the Wild Spotted Goose Owl earned her the title as one of Denver’s Most Powerful Women by the Denver Chamber of Commerce.

Barbie_Fashionista_2016Barbie in the Bayou
New Orleans, LA. – Treme-Lafitte
1 bdrm | 1 bath | House $1,600 per month

It was the music that enchanted Barbie to the Big Easy and there she lives la belle vie! Barbie loves living in the heart of the city and found a charming Victorian rental blocks from the French Quarter in the Treme-Lafitte district of New Orleans. Located on the Esplanade, Barbie has access to her favorite cafés, museums and jazz clubs. These tiny streets are perfect for parking her sophisticated Fiat 500, and she enjoys driving around the city with her best friend Midge. After receiving her Masters of Fine Arts from Tulane, she dedicated her life to music and began building elementary charter schools across the region. The Millicent Academy is a tuition-free center for the development of young minds in New Orleans and serves as a national model for the advancement of music education. Her favorite instrument is the jazz flute, of course.


Barbie lives Namaste in LA
Venice Beach, CA
1 bdrm | 1 bath | House $1,000 per week – Short Term Rental

When not in her Malibu estate, Barbie finds peace and quiet in a a short term rental located in the canals of Venice, CA.  Twice a year Barbie rents this furnished oasis for weeks at a time while she attends a yoga retreat at the acclaimed, Zensible yoga studio. Barbie finds that it is important to disconnect once in a while from the rigors of everyday life in order to live more contently, and with a stronger sense of mindfulness. Venice is a neighborhood with a delightful variance of shops, studios and locals all gently brushed by a sweet beach breeze. In her home away from home, she enjoys meditation and reading her favorite novel, The Alchemist. This year she plans on perfecting her most challenging yoga pose, the Ponderous Panda.

Barbie may now look a bit more like the rest of us, no matter her outfit, body-type, or skin tone and above all she Barbie can live like the rest of us– anywhere and do anything she pleases. The new Fashionista Line represents a beautiful change in the American zeitgeist. As#TheDollEvolves so do millennial standards of career success, beauty and gender roles.

The American dream of picket fences is gone, and it’s replacement is a landscape of dreamers living beyond borders. We are a beautifully transient culture renting RadPads, lofts and adopting cultures not of our origin. We live by our hearts and therefore, will be the first generation to honestly state, “We do what we love.”

I am pleased to add a few new Barbies to my collection this year, and I hope to see even more variations of this iconically brilliant doll. Perhaps the next model will be in the start-up world?  She gonna disrupt it all!

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