Art on a Budget

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A surefire way to make an apartment feel like a home is to infuse your wall with art that conveys your vibe. Art can be expensive, but just because you’re living on a budget that doesn’t mean it has to affect your style!

Five Fab Art Websites

The age of the internet has brought unlimited ways for artists to connect with audiences and vice versa. No longer does a limited budget relegate you to uninspired, mass-produced prints. Access to artists across the globe means you’re sure to find something distinctive that both tugs at your soul and satisfies your wallet. Here are our favorite places for treasure hunting online:

  •  – for framed and unframed prints from renown masters and emerging artists
  • Etsy  – original and vintage pieces of all kinds
  • Minted.comart and wall murals from independent artists
  • Society6affordable framed and unframed art on a variety of media
  • Urban Outfittersbohemian style art prints, removable wallpaper and hanging installations



Sure, there are beautiful frames out there that cost a pretty penny to showcase your art. However, there are also plenty of options that cost next to nothing and compliment the art, while still looking polished.

Affordable frames with glass and mats can be found at places like Michael’s, World Market, Target and Ikea — they offer frames so stylish, no one will be the wiser!

For a more non-traditional option, we love metal and wood poster hangers that clip to a print at either end and hang your art without glass for an elegant raw look. You can find these on dozens of mainstream websites such as Amazon, Etsy and Office Depot – or you can DIY.

Non-Traditional Art

Anything that has meaning for you and can be displayed on a wall or shelf can be considered art. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions of some non-traditional vignettes to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your own one-of-a-kind display:

  • A family heirloom blanket as a wall hanging
  • A collection of sentimental notecards fashioned into a hanging mobile
  • A “green wall” of plants
  • Old instruments you no longer play, such as symbols or a violin bow
  • Memorabilia from your parents or grandparents, such as hand-written recipes or favorite record covers
  • Natural items from a walk or a vacation such as shells, twigs or pressed leaves hung from string or wire
  • A collage board of collected flyers, matchbooks, advertisements and photographs that changes as often as you wish

Now, go give your walls some love!

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