Apartment-Sized Study Dens

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School is back in session and summer play is giving way to study time. The kitchen table can serve as a fine substitute for a desk, but even in spaces with limited square footage, a private place to think and get creative can support that student even more. We’ve sharpened our pencils and drawn up a quick list of inspiring ideas for creating  your own nook at home.

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Books Aren’t Only for Reading

A “room” can be created out of any corner or hallway area simply by creating a low wall from a bookshelf or other substantial piece of furniture carving out just enough area for a desk and chair. It may still be out in the open, but the dedicated space can provide the necessary focus. An area rug can also help define the borders of this new designated space.

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What’s in A Desk?

A traditional desk is nice, but finding the right size for your DIY study spot could be a challenge. Create your own from a solid surface laid across two filing cabinets – an instant desk that can also easily be disassembled and moved when the space needs to transform again.

(Picture: @studio_kate_)

Got Stairs?

Then you’ve might have  space underneath. This could be the perfect spot to tuck in a cozy corner for hitting the books. Some fun wallpaper or a piece of artwork can help personalize it.

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It’s All About the Levels

Maybe you do have an extra room, but it’s already serving as a guest bedroom. Converting that bed to a bunk or a Murphy bed will free up the space below for a study area that might get more use.

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Think Small

A mini desk might just fit perfectly next to the kitchen counter and be an ideal spot for the younger set to work in plain view of dinner prep.


Sometimes big ideas come from small spaces. All it takes is a little ingenuity (and maybe a comfy chair!) to encourage those A’s. Let the school year begin!

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