Apartment-Sized Fireplaces

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The season of being cozy has officially begun and many have already fired up the fireplace to fend off those chilly nights. Wishing you had one, but you rent and can’t make structural changes? An electric fireplace is an easy and affordable way to add a welcoming, warm glow to your apartment this fall.


Zero Effort

Not only is there no installation, there also isn’t any maintenance required with an electric fireplace – no flue to clean, no gas line to inspect – just plug it in and enjoy instantly. Most even come with a remote control so you never even have to get up from the couch!

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Hot or Not?

If it’s not that cold in your place just yet but you’d still like some seasonal ambiance, you can simply turn off the heating element of an electric fireplace with the push of a button and still enjoy the flames.

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A great option for compact spaces, the electric fireplace has an especially thin profile, which can be mounted on the wall if there’s no floor area available. A corner unit is another great option for an out-of-the-way, but still visible spot.


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Want to share the love with another room? A free-standing unit can easily be unplugged and moved anywhere indoors with a standard 110-volt outlet; some are even designed with rollers for convenient portability.

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Some models have extremely realistic flames that will fool your guests. Many also come with a mantel and other surround options to coordinate with your décor and provide the look of a custom built-in piece.


(Image: Kismet House)


An electric fireplace, by definition, requires no burning of wood or gas so there is no danger of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Exterior materials other than the actual output area are designed to be cool to the touch.

Now,  find a fireplace that fits your style and snuggle up with some hot cocoa (marshmallows optional)  to get even cozier this season!


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