A Touch of Summer Style

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A new season is a great excuse to freshen up your décor and summer offers endless inspiration. Take a cue from the natural world and use light, color and greenery to make your apartment feel like an extension of the outdoors (without all the bugs!).

A Touch of Summer Style

Let Summer Be the Star

Transition a muted or cool palette to a light, neutral one with accents of rich summer colors – yellows, ocean blues and light greens. Swap out artwork, pillows, lampshades, your duvet cover and even shower curtain for light, festive pieces. If you’ve got a dark corner of a room, add a temporary corded light in white or gold to add light and brightness.

A Touch of Summer Style

(Source: Boho Gang)

Let the Sunshine In

Celebrate the return of long, sunny summer days – raise those shades high and let the light in. If you want more privacy while still keeping your place cool, swap out heavy drapes or shades for breezy white muslin for a bright, diffused glow. If you don’t have a lot of windows in a room or the room is deep, maximize the available light by reflecting it throughout the space with cleverly-placed mirrors.

A Touch of Summer Style

(Source: Advice Decor)

Green Is In

Summer is everything for trees, flowers and plants – they are in full bloom. Instantly infuse your apartment with summer style by adding fresh-cut flowers, potted plants and other natural items such as a moss garden, river rocks, and seashells. Take advantage of this contemporary way to bring in a pop of color.

A Touch of Summer Style

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Simple and Breezy

Keeping clutter at bay is generally a good thing, but summertime especially calls for easy-breezy open and functional spaces. Rearrange the furniture for a fresh perspective – face seating to the windows instead of the fireplace and create more space for easy maneuvering.

Check back in the fall for cozy décor ideas that embrace the new chill in the air and falling leaves!


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