A Living Room For How You Live Now

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The living room’s purpose, for as long as its concept has existed, has been to serve as a space for a household to spend unstructured time together. But when television arrived in the 1950s, living rooms became less about conversing and more about gathering silently to watch the latest Hollywood had to offer. Today, we are in a digital age where much of our waking hours are spent in front of various screens. However, there are some who are seeking ways to turn our attention back to connecting with others as well as finding a bit of quiet time for ourselves without resorting to technology. Here is how you can implement this change in your own space!

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Divide and Conquer

The most effective approach would be to relocate the TV to another room and offer a separate area for conversation and quality time with family or guests. If you don’t have the space to spare, however, there other ways to achieve the same effect.

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Making Conversation

A new seating arrangement might be all that you need to realign focus. Four armchairs facing each other or two sofas opposite each other initiates more engaging conversation than side by side seating. A coffee table in the middle can be used for snacks or games and occasional chairs or benches nearby can be drawn close when needed.

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Quiet Time

Perhaps a cozy spot for reading or contemplation is the sort of break you’re looking for. Here, a deep, comfy chair, couch, or cushioned window nook invites curling up with a book or maybe even catching up with a distant friend on the phone.

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On Rotation

Sometimes, game day or movie night is a great way to entertain others and there is a way to accomplish both. One room can serve two purposes with clever furniture placement. A couch can be placed in the middle of a room, facing the TV, its back diving the space into a new area behind it for socializing. Area rugs also help to provide a visual cue that the spaces are separate. Another innovative solution is the oft-forgotten swivel chair – these can be placed in that center area and simply pivot accordingly.

Design and placement leads function in this case so be sure to consider how you most want to use your living room and create the area to fit.


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