A Cozy Home Haven Away from It All

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Spending more time at home? Make it a comfortable and welcoming haven that relaxes or energizes you – whatever you need in the moment.

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Light It Up (or Down)

Lighting can make a significant difference, even if subconscious, on how you feel in a space. Harsh or overly bright lighting can make you feel uncomfortable or on edge. Ditch cool colors for warm, ambient lighting and introduce dimming or fun colors if possible. If one overhead light is causing all the problems, bring in smaller accent lamps.

Check out our lighting guide: https://blog.onradpad.com/lighting-that-creates-a-high-end-customized-look-for-your-apartment/

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Dial in the Comfort

A cozy bed, couch or chair is essential for diving into a good book, taking a phone call with a dear friend, or even indulging in a quick nap. Pay attention to fabrics – you’ll want soft over coarse. Prefer something you can sink into? Or, do you like a more supportive pillow? If you aren’t in a position to purchase new furniture, invest in throw pillows or even new cushions to provide the comfort you want.

See how to add extra snuggle for cooler temps: https://blog.onradpad.com/pro-tip-how-to-make-your-apartment-cozy-for-winter/

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Invite Nature In

If you can’t get outside as much as you want right now, invite nature to stream in through windows opened wide and lighter and brighter curtains and bring home live plants and fresh flowers. 

Learn more: https://blog.onradpad.com/bring-the-garden-inside/

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Do More in Your Space

The basic functions of an apartment are sleeping, cooking, eating, etc., but you can do quite a bit more with clever storage and layout of your available space, even in a studio apartment. A hallway, closet or underneath area can be a goldmine for a reading nook, exercise area or craft corner. Also, remember to put away work papers, kitchen mess or play items when done so your space is fresh and ready for new activity.

Check out some inspiration here:




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Make Room

Of course, the quickest way to making space for new activities is to reduce the amount of stuff hanging around. This extra time at home might be the perfect time to cull clothes, books, papers, children’s toys, kitchen gadgets and more. 

We break it down for you here: https://blog.onradpad.com/spring-clean-like-marie-kondo-is-watching/


Use this guide to create a home you want to retreat to, no matter the reason.


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