8 Space Saving Storage Solutions

Does your apartment lack ample storage space? Did you just downsize? Do you have too much stuff or just too many clothes? Well then listen up! We have compiled a list of eight helpful storage solutions that add valuable space to existing closets and hide awesome storage solutions in plain sight.

Storage Beds

We know lots of people hide junk under their beds, but did you know that there are furniture companies who make beds with storage built right into them? How about one that is literally a giant trap door? 

Huston 2-Drawer Storage Bed from APT2B ($788.00 – $978.00) 

Lift Storage Bed from Overstock.com ($957.99)

Under-bed Storage Boxes

If you don’t have the money for a new bed frame, there are plenty or rolling storage boxes that fit securely under a standard bed frame. 

Vardo from Ikea ($29.99)

Dilling from Ikea ($14.99)

Need a lift to fit those boxes underneath? Check out these Square Bed Risers from Boscov’s ($6.99).


Furniture with Onboard Storage

There are lots of affordable furniture pieces out there that have more to them than meets the eye. If you have unsightly clutter, consider a desk whose hood pops up to reveal cavernous spaces for your laptop and all your clutter. Also, checkout ottomans that prop up your feet plus store board games, holiday decorations or anything you need but just want to hide.

Vika Table (or desk) from Ikea ($159.00)

Sheridan Storage Ottoman Set from Target ($53.99)


Closet Storage Systems

Maximize storage space in your closet by adding hanging shelves, stackable containers, belt racks, tie racks, shoe racks and more! Storage space for closets has built an entire organizational industry –  here we showcase some of the most affordable solutions to help keep your clothes, shoes and other items both accessible and off your bedroom floor.

Skubb Hanging Closet Organizer from Ikea ($7.99)

Basic Stacking Baskets from The Container Store ($5.99 each)

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