6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

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Looking to make a room in your place feel bigger than it actually is? Dealing with small spaces is a common issue for the urban dweller, but luckily there are lots of easy and inexpensive solutions to help your space feel grand. Check out these 6 tips for making a small space feel big.

1. Use mirrors – Large mirrors can do wonders to give the illusion of space in rooms where space is minimal. In a smaller apartment, it helps add depth to a room over a couch. Try placing a mirror by your front door, this way you can use it practically as well as to help your space feel bigger. 


Dubois Wall Mirror from Crate & Barrel – $99.95

Hemnes Full Length Mirror from Ikea – $79.99

2. Paint with lighter colors – Dark paint can make a room feel rich, but at the same time it can also make it feel closed in. You can help to open up a room with a coat of light paint.


3. Eliminate clutter with clever storage – we recently wrote a post on clever storage solutions. By decreasing clutter, you physically open up space on shelves, tables and more.

4. Pull your couch away from the wall – sometimes it seems practical to put a couch right up against the wall to give your room the most space possible. However, if you “float” pieces of furniture (don’t put them up against walls) it helps to create the illusion of a bigger space. This won’t always work, so make sure to test it out in your own space before deciding on the best layout for the room you are working with.


5. Eliminate heavy drapery – bulky drapes can take up a lot of room and reduce the infinite feeling of space that windows create with the outside. Try a simpler blind or lighter fabric to give more light and show you more of whats outside.


6. Repurpose furniture for multiple uses –  A simple dining room table can work as a desk during the day for your laptop. An ottoman can double as a chair for guests. When you are shopping for furniture, think about whether the piece you are purchasing can perform more than one function. 

For some additional inspiration, make sure to check out small space ideas from Pinterest’s boards.

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