5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your New City

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Moving to a new city? It can be daunting to adjust to a new job, new neighbors, even a new climate. We’ve got some tips to smooth your transition, find your people and fall in love with your new home.


Get Out!

The best way to get to know your new city is to see it, hear it, and taste it. Big foodie? Check out Yelp to see the local eateries that everyone is raving about in your neighborhood. Live music fan? Grab a seat at a local club and feel the heartbeat of the city. Sports fan? Make thousands of new friends at the stadium or head to a local bar during a game and cheer for the home team. Like to get outdoors? Hit the slopes, beach or botanical garden and commune with your local environment. Try activities that might not have been available in your former home, such as a farmer’s market, famous landmarks or a craft fair. The opportunities are endless.


How to Fall In Love with Your New City


New City, Who ‘Dis?

A move is a great time to make a fresh start and explore another side of yourself.  Have you been wanting to go back to school? Is that novel starting to finally take shape? Want to try your hand at a new skill? Lean in to your new perspective and try on a new you while exploring your city.


Do You, Boo

A lot of change all at once can be overwhelming and it can be a comfort to stay connected to your former life in small ways. Artistic photographs of vistas from your old city or posters from favorite events are a great way to cover those empty walls in your new apartment. Memorabilia from your old home or neighborhood can make for intriguing and meaningful décor. And, in this digital age, you can even tune in to your old go-to radio station and be soothed by familiar voices in the background.


There’s No Place Like Home

Exploring your surroundings and making friends is important in making your new city feel like home, but a sanctuary to retreat to when you need to decompress can be everything. Set up your new home to be a comfortable, welcoming space you can return to that will replenish your energy so you’ll be ready to head out once more.

five ways to fall in love with your new city

Can I Borrow Some Sugar?

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors down the hall, at the corner store, the dog park, and while lounging at the pool. Volunteer for a local charity or event. Let people know you are new to town and ask for advice on where to go and what to do. Follow your interests to find others who share your passion. These interactions will help you make connections in your community and build your new life. And, who knows? Some of these conversations might develop into new friendships, workout buddies or business partners!


After you’ve had the chance to appreciate all that your new home has to offer, you’ll feel like you’ve been there forever!

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