You can now download a PDF of your rental application!

We just launched the ability to download your rental application, so you can use it on and off RadPad!

Now, when you log in to your account and visit your profile you’ll see a ‘Download Application‘ button. Clicking it downloads a beautiful, landlord-friendly PDF version of your profile which you can print and share with any landlord! It’s like magic.

It gives you the ability to further share your rental information, download it, print it and hand it to a landlord who may not be using RadPad. This means you won’t have to fill out application after application for every apartment you’re interested in. Whew!

Plus we’re including a PDF copy of your profile in all application emails that are sent to landlords when you apply to their pads. This gives landlords a “paper” copy of your application instantly.

What’s in your rental application?


Your application includes all the info landlords need before they’ll rent to you:

– Your TransUnion Credit Report
– Your Income (you can even verify it so landlords don’t need copies of your paystub)
– Your rental history
– Your payment history (if you’re Paying with RadPad)
– A bunch of other things that make you stand out and look real good to landlords

Don’t have a profile?

Just go to to claim your profile name (so no one else gets your name) and set up your profile. Then, when you’re ready to move, you’ll be able to Apply Instantly! to any one of the millions of apartments and homes for rent on RadPad! Go!