Stressed out about paying your security deposit? Our friends at Avant can help

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.18.46 PMWe’ve all been there. The struggle to pay the security deposit. If you’re stretching your last $20 bill until your next paycheck hits your bank account on Friday, you’re not alone. Nearly half of America lives paycheck-to-paycheck.

Most of us are paying at least twice the monthly rent to a security deposit before we even more in. Add this to the first months rent and it gets very expensive very fast.

It’s an enormous financial challenge when most of us have less than $1,000 in savings and over 20% of American’s don’t even have a savings account. So how are you going to pay that $4,000 security deposit?

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with our friends at Avant to give you another alternative for helping pay your security deposit and the costs of moving.

In about 90-seconds, you can become approved for a loan up to $10,000 through Avant. You choose your repayment terms (12 months, 24 months, 36 months) and can have your money in less than a business day, which is awesome if you need that cash to get the apartment you really want.

So if you need a little extra help paying moving costs, click this special link to check your rate (for free). Oh, and checking your rates won’t lower your credit score.

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