Ruff Life: West Hollywood Just Took A Major Step To Make Its Housing More Dog-Friendly

Man’s best friend may not be a landlord’s best friend. If you have been searching for an apartment in LA, the words “No pets, no pets, no pets,” will ring.

So much so, that 62 percent of rental units in Los Angeles do not accept pets, according to the American Humane Association. Sadly, this causes many renters to make the tough decision to give up pets when they move. Roughly 23 percent of dog surrenders and 19 percent of cats, according to shelter officials based on data between 2011 and 2015.


But the Los Angeles City Council just took a major step toward solving this problem. The group unanimously approved Council member Paul Koretz’s plan to encourage more landlords to accept pets. The Los Angeles City Council believes this motion will help keep more animals out of local pet shelters and will eventually make their shelter system “no kill.”

About one in five L.A. pet owners who surrender their cats and dogs to shelters do so because of pet restrictions, according to data gathered by KPCC.

Last week was a good one for Fido and friends.