Roommate Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

We asked the RadPad team to share their worst roommates stories, and boyyy did they deliver. While most just complained about the usual messy slobs and last-of-the-milk drinkers, some people were actually living with real-life witches (seriously).

From Tyler, our co-founder:

In my second year of university, my roommate decided to do a 4 month exchange program in Belgium. Cool! I thought. Belgian people are pretty chill.

Julien and I got off to a great start. He was a clutch beer pong partner, clean guy, pleasant to be around. He would hang out with me and my friends whenever we had parties.

But he always locked his bedroom door, even if he wasn’t inside. Every. Single. Time.

So one time, he went out for a drink with some friends and I faked sick. “Go on without me”, I croaked. Poor guy left the apartment without even thinking twice about what was about to happen next.

I jumped out onto the fire escape and walked around to his side of the apartment. His window was open. I climbed in.

It was pretty dark, so I fumbled around for the light switch. Click! The grand reveal!

What a boring room. Papers stacked neatly on the desk, his bed was made. Some clothes on the ground but nothing crazy. I started to climb back out onto the fire escape when my foot pricked something.

I picked it up. It was a little stuffed toy. Aw man, this kid still has a stuff animal he sleeps with.

Then I saw the holes. It was a voodoo doll that looked like me.

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