Introducing Real-Time Messages

We’ve always been frustrated by how difficult it is to communicate between renters and landlords. First you have a to find a place you like, then you have to open an email program to type up and send a message and then you have to wait around for the landlord to hopefully reply.

If you don’t get a reply, you wonder why? Did they receive my message? Did they already rent the apartment? Sometimes you forget if you even sent a message because there’s not an easy way to manage all of your communication and that’s definitely frustrating.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


We’ve been hard at work fixing all the things we most hated about the entire communication process and today, we’re proud to turn on ‘Real Time Messaging’ from RadPad.

Beginning today, Renters and Landlords who use RadPad will have their very own mailbox for sending, receiving and managing messages. And guess what, it syncs perfectly between RadPad for mobile and web ensuring you never miss a message.

What makes our mailbox so special is what we put under the hood!

Messages are designed to be like text messages. They’re fast and feel familiar to how you’re already used to sending messages.

Your mailbox stores all of your messages for every apartment you message, making it incredibly easy to remember & manage the messages you’ve sent.


You’ll know when a landlord (or a renter) read your message, even if the landlord (or renter) isn’t using RadPad and opened your message from their Gmail, Yahoo or personal email account.

You’ll know where landlords (and renters) are sending you messages from with built-in location. We think this is important for a number of reasons, one of them being to prevent fraud & scams.


Instant chat makes chatting in real time possible because messages you receive can be read immediately, meaning there’s no delay in sending or receiving new messages and you can hold a conversation just like you would when you text message.

Finally, we’ve added push and email notifications so that you’ll never miss a message, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. Remember, sometimes being the first to reply means being the first to apply 🙂


Our goal has always been to make renting suck less and less and we hope our new real-time messaging service will make the entire process just a little bit easier on you.