We need help finding talent! Introduce us to an Engineer we hire and we’ll pay you $10k cash!

RadPad is growing like crazy and we need more help keeping up! That means we’re looking for more really talented engineers to join our team.

Do you know an Engineer? Are you an Engineer?


We’re paying $10,000 cash to anyone who introduces us to our next engineering teammate! If you’re an engineer reading this, we’ll pay you a $10,000 bonus if we hire you. Apply here!

We mean it. We’ll pay you $10,000 cash. It’s easy.

  • Introduce us to a talented engineer
  • Make sure they Apply here (and add your name as the reference)
  • After 90 days of their first day on our team, we’ll wire you $10,000 cash
  • Keep in mind you’ll be responsible for all taxes as a result of your new found riches

A little bit about our engineering culture.

We’re lean, which means you have a substantial opportunity to contribute to RadPad. Engineering, Product & Design work very closely with one another. We’re more like a family (we like each other) and we thrive on solving very complicated problems. We don’t have room for “B” players, we’re looking for “A” players. Because we’re lean and stakeholders in our work, we’re able to ship exceptional product consistently fast. There’s a lot more about us too, but you’ll have to meet us first!

Join our team!