RadPad Introduces New Feature To Make Apartment Living Ridiculously Easy

Today, RadPad is excited to announce the launch of a new feature to further streamline and improve the rental process for apartment hunters nationwide.

The new service – called “RadPad Brosephs” – aims to help renters by recruiting some totally cool broskis to move and live in any apartment on RadPad on their behalf, all handled seamlessly from a mobile phone.

“This new feature is an enormous opportunity for RadPad,” said CEO Jonathan Eppers. “Radpad Brosephs really rounds out our service to include much more than just searching, listing and paying your rent. Now we can offer millennial-aged renters a mobile solution for finding a whole bunch of true brahs to actually live in any apartment for them, making the rental process on RadPad even easier.”

“It just completely eliminates the hassle of actually living in an apartment,” added Eppers, who decided to launch RadPad Brosephs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

How it Works

In select cities, RadPad Brosephs offers renters an inventory of totally cool bros to choose from. With one touch, a renter can select a number of Brosephs to come inhabit any pad listed on RadPad. All you need to do for them is make sure the rent gets paid on time, (you can use Pay with RadPad) and check in on your Brosephs every now and then to ensure they are just straight crushin’ it.

The Broseph inventory in each city continues to grow, but will typically include a mix of surf bros, tech bros, lax bros, frat bros, and a whole bunch of other bros that are just totally dope and down for whatever.

Why RadPad Brosephs?

We know your frustrations with renting all too well. In 2013, RadPad set out to improve the rental process by building an intuitive, beautiful and functional mobile platform to put you in control of the rental process from start to finish – all from the palm of your hand. Until today, the one thing that RadPad was missing was the ability to find some rad broskis to live in the apartments you find as well.

“This is just an amazing feature,” said Zarko Arsov of Washington, D.C., who was particularly stoked about the new service. “I found a sweet 2 bedroom in Adams Morgan on RadPad last week. Even though I have no intention of moving there whatsoever, RadPad Brosephs allowed me to find some ridiculously chill brahs to live in the apartment for me. They are probably just hanging out on the couch right now, playing some video games, waiting for some girls to head on up and overall just kickin’ it on the reg,” said Arsov.

Arsov said the brosephs moved in yesterday and are just straight up chilling in the new apartment he is now paying for, but without the added hassle of actually living in it. He said the process was seamless and even signed up for Pay with RadPad to set up recurring monthly rental payments for the brosephs as well.

“I think they ordered a pizza and are thinking about getting a kegerator setup also,” said Arsov.

As an added feature, RadPad will chose a few select cities to test a new model called RadPad “Brohams”, who are like Brosephs only with more brobility to hook a bro up when it is most croosh.

Interested in becoming a RadPad Broseph? Hit us up at [email protected]

Oh yeah, happy April 1st.