Introducing Tags. The easiest way to find exactly what pad you want.

One of the reasons we built RadPad was because we thought the entire process of searching for that perfect apartment was so poorly designed. Not just from a visual perspective but from a functional, just show me what I want to see standpoint. 


When we launched RadPad, we stripped out a lot of stuff that other rental services give renters. We took out checkboxes, we removed radio buttons and instead simplified our search experience so that renters could quickly narrow down pads based on location, price, bed, bath and pets. Radio buttons and check boxes were visual noise and often didn’t include things that were important to us, like ‘Ocean Views,’ ‘Hardwood floors,’ or ‘Modern Kitchens.’ 

No two renters have the same search criteria so it didn’t make sense to us to force renters to check a box or click a button that someone else decided was important.

That’s why we developed Tags

Tags are a smart way to find exactly what’s important to you! Just type in what you want and RadPad only shows you those pads. You can search for things like ‘Beach Walkout’ or ‘Parking spot’ or ‘Pool & Spa’ – basically whatever you need to find that perfect pad.

We think it’s the best way to get what you want. What’s important to you. Of course you might not find a pad that gives you everything you want, but we think Tags will help you get pretty damn close.

Tags are now standard on RadPad for iPhone and web