Got a Great Roomie? You’re Going to Want to Hug Him After This

Most of us have had a roommate at one point in our lives — some were angels, others, not so much. Every Friday the RadPad team shares their worst roommates stories and this week our Front End Engineer, Kin shares a few of his horror stories.

Warning: You should probably go grab your roommate so you can read through these horror stories together—and thank your lucky stars you ended up with each other instead of someone like the guy below.

From Kin:

My personal story is I had a college roommate who grew up as an only child. As a result, he never felt the need to flush the toilet all the time. 1’s and 2’s went unflushed throughout the day and I found surprises throughout my freshman year. He was cool about it and the problem eventually went away, but it was still a situation to deal with.

A friend of mine in college lived with a roommate that basically didn’t clean up after himself. I showed up one day and found a stack of used TV dinner trays in the kitchen cabinet. We’re talking, dude just ate them and put them in the cabinet without washing the tray. I then opened the microwave and found a half eaten TV dinner growing mold and maggots. A fly flew out as I opened the microwave door. You know how some people have a designated cereal bowl? It’s a pretty personal item. My friend came home to his personal cereal bowl in the kitchen sink used, crusted, and not rinsed. Needless to say I helped him move out that weekend.

Another friend of mine lived with a girl who took the TV from the living room and put it in her room. Thing is, my friend was the one who bought the TV. When my friend asked why she did that, the girl responded “You weren’t using it”

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