Bringing People in to RadPad. We’re betting our future on it.

Today is a major day in RadPad’s history.

We launched a feature that not only am I very, very excited about, but that sets the stage for the future of RadPad.

Today is the first day we’re introducing People to RadPad.

Huh? You ask.

Renting is a lonely experience for most people. Unless you have a roommate going through the rental journey with you, finding a place, driving over to check it out and going through the process of applying is incredibly lonely; not to mention full of anxiety, frustration and stress.

Ten months ago we launched ‘Likes’ on RadPad and while the concept of liking something wasn’t invented by us, we were first to bring it to renting. RadPad was the first to show you that there were also other people out there looking for a place to live. When you scroll the feed and see lot’s of listings that have likes, it gives you the impression that there are other renters on RadPad, though until today it was just a number.

Today we took ‘Likes’ a HUGE step further.

Now when you look at an apartment, RadPad will not only show you how many other renters liked the pad, but also show you their photo, their first name and allow you to see other pads that the renter liked. We also show you other details, like how many other renters viewed the pad or sent messages to the landlord.


RadPad already feels like a completely different experience. With the introduction of people and the ability to see what other pads renters like on RadPad, you now have the opportunity to discover pads you might not have seen through your own filtered search.

Not only is this incredibly powerful for renters looking for a new place to live, but it’s also a new way for RadPad landlords to market their rentals. Landlords have always had to rely on Search for their pasd to be discovered. Now landlords have a brand new, authentic way for a renter to discover their pads – through other renters.

While Browse & Search has helped RadPad become distinct & hip, Pay with RadPad showed our abilities to be imaginative and enable many more renters to use RadPad, today marks the beginning of RadPad’s future.

RadPad for iOS is now in the App Store and coming later this week to RadPad for Android.

Check it out. See if it feels any more alive to you. It certainly does to me.

– Jon