Apartment Parking On-Demand? Luxe-Friendly Listings Are Now on RadPad


With nearly 1 million Uber rides occurring each day across the country, one may think millennial renters would have less need for amenities like parking spots or garages when on the hunt for their next apartment. However, it looks like twenty and thirty-somethings are not car-cutting as fast as they’re cord-cutting.

Last year RadPad found that nearly half (47%) of renters still rank parking as the number one amenity when looking for their dream apartment. Even in major urban areas like D.C, Chicago and New York City, with robust public transit systems, renters marked it as one of their top three considerations when looking at an apartment. It seems the last thing any renter (especially an urban one) wants to do is drive around after a long day of work looking for parking.

That’s why we’re excited to enter into a new partnership with Luxe, the easy on-demand valet parking service. As part of our partnership, RadPad will now show you which apartment listings are in Luxe service areas, so instead of driving around looking for a spot, you could count on one of their valets to meet you at your apartment and park your car for you.


That’s right, you can now get your own valet parking at home for potentially less than you would pay for parking in a garage a neighborhood away. And certainly for less than the $1M you would pay for buying your own parking spot in a city like San Francisco! With 500,000 cars and only 275,000 street-parking spots, parking is at a premium in the Bay Area! Los Angeles and Chicago aren’t any better, with only .70 and .77 respective parking garages and lots per 1,000 commuter vehicles.

Luxe charges an average hourly parking rate of around $5-$10, but make sure to check prices in your city as they vary by location. Perhaps the best way to utilize the service with your new pad on RadPad?

A Luxe subscription. Here are some subscriptions that may work for you. The best part? We have some special deals below for RadPad renters in Austin and San Francisco!

Chicago: Residential Overnight ($200/month): Perfect for the everyday commuter, this package includes nightly parking Mon-Fri and weekend storage. If your car remains parked during the weekday (from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm), Luxe daily rates will apply. 6 additional parks are included.

Los Angeles: Residential Overnight ($224/month): Unlimited night and weekend parking w/ 4 free weekday stores between 9am-6pm per month. $15 surcharge applies for each additional weekday daytime store.

Austin: Luxe Unlimited ($299/month for the first month for RadPad renters, $379/month thereafter): For the Luxe power user, this plan includes unlimited parks & overnights, usable 7 days/week. Car Care is included.

San Francisco: Luxe Unlimited ($359/month for the first month for RadPad renters, $399/month thereafter): For the Luxe power user, this plan includes unlimited parks and overnights, usable 7 days/week. Care Care is included.

Luxe-friendly listings on RadPad will be centralized in the cities above, as well as New York CitySo keep your eyes out for the convenient and time saving feature on listings near you!