5 reasons to break your lease and move to Santa Monica right now

The classic California beach town of Santa Monica is home to 94,000 Angelenos, 3.5 miles of glistening beaches and 300 days of sunshine a year. From the shores of the Pacific to the shop-lined walkways of the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica has a lot to offer locals. So what, exactly, are the benefits of paying (on average) $3,195/month in rent for a one-bedroom apartment? We’ve outlined the top five reasons you might want to shell out a little extra to move shoreside.

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1. The beach. Duh.

Although obvious, we’d be remiss if we left out the reason that Santa Monica has become such a desired neighborhood for locals and tourists alike. To the west, over three miles of sandy beaches line the Santa Monica Bay. North Santa Monica is separated from the waterfront by high bluffs, but bridges, walkways and stairs make it easy to get to the shoreline regardless. Since beachfront parking is a highly sought-after, rarely obtained commodity, living locally means avoiding the peak-season traffic gridlock by walking or taking a quick bike ride down to the shore.

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2. You can find pretty much any store, ever.

Santa Monica is a shopping destination for Angelenos near and far. Living in the seaside city gives you access to hundreds of brick-and-mortar shops, from local boutiques like GOGA to well-known retailers like West Elm. If you live locally, you’ll get to avoid the traffic on the 10 and shop in areas like Main St., the 3rd St. Promenade and Montana Ave.

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3. All the food (and all the drinks) you could possibly want.

Where food is concerned, Santa Monica takes the cake (pun intended). Best known for California fusion cuisine, it’s easy to find a place that, as a local, you’ll visit again and again, even if your favorite place is a hotdog stand at Pacific Park (no judgment). And this trendy town has not missed picking up the ever-popular, mid-morning (or afternoon) hobby we all love – boozy brunch. Residents can spend an afternoon with beach-side bottomless mimosas, then enjoy a quick Uber home for a lazy Sunday, Eggs Benedict-induced nap.

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4. Your neighbors have the heart of Mr. Rogers with the career of Evan Speigel. 

Santa Monica residents have a sparkling reputation. Known to be quiet and friendly, SaMo locals appreciate the calm and laid-back atmosphere of seaside living. With a higher cost of living than that of the average Los Angeles neighborhood, the city draws in many business professionals and wealthy entertainment industry folks. But it is also home to the struggling artist types, the retirees and more recently, the entrepreneurs looking to stake their claim on the tech industry that is growing in Silicon Beach (birthplace of RadPad!).

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5. Living in Santa Monica is GMO-free.

If you’re of the gluten-free, yoga-going variety, Santa Monica is host to many health-driven spots, like Pressed Juicery and Aerial Physiques. It’s easy to live a lifestyle of wellness here, as it’s common to see cyclists, runners, even rollerbladers (yes, in 2016!) working up a sweat along the bike path that runs flush with the shoreline. From multiple yoga studios to full-service gyms to wellness spas, the health-conscious should feel right at home in Santa Monica.

Think it’s time to call up your landlord and tell ’em you’re heading west? Browse current pads in Santa Monica and get ready for the beachside lifestyle.

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