1. Living in Washington, D.C.? Here’s what it’ll cost you

    Metro is quickly becoming the most popular way to get to and from work in D.C., especially with the addition of the Silver Line. We decided to take a look at what apartments rent for near the most popular metro stops. Hey, even we were curious to know what it’ll cost to live in the nations capital.

    While anyone that lives in DC already knows, rents around the city have increased dramatically in the last few years due to strong demand but that doesn’t mean you have to live far away to find a good deal.

    Rentals in up-and-coming neighborhoods that are just 5 to 10 minutes from the Metro, such as Congress Heights, where 1-bedrooms run $1,041/month or Fort Totten, at $1,543/month offer some nice options with convenient access to the Green, Yellow and Red lines.

    However, if you really want to live in the center of the District and have the budget to pay for it, some great options to think about are Foggy Bottom, listed at $2,723/month, north on the Red Line at Dupont Circle, where 1-bedrooms can run you $2,443/month or Mt. Vernon Square at $2,402/month.

    Thinking about a move to the nations capital? Check out the newest and hottest apartments or homes right here.

    Take a closer look and download our DC Metro Rent Map. Feel free to share it on Twitter or Facebook.

  2. Spotted by @thrashbird13 tagged on the side of a wall somewhere in Los Angeles.
  3. Our thoughts on paying your rent with a credit card

    A few days ago we released a new feature called Pay with RadPad that enables renters to pay their rent using a credit or debit card. We’re very excited about this feature because it gives renters more convenience and options for paying their rent on time, every month.

    First, some renting facts:

    • Over 90% of all renters (about 90 million of us in the USA) have to write a check every month to pay our rent. For most of us it’s our only option.
    • 47% of us between the ages of 21 and 35 live check-to-check.
    • In L.A., 47% of renters spend HALF of their monthly income on rent
    • In the last 18 months, rents have skyrocketed 8% - 12% in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, and New York City.

    What does this mean?

    A lot of renters are spending more of their income on rent every month than they used to.

    Ok, so what is RadPad doing about it?

    Pay with RadPad was built to offer renters more convenience and flexibility in how they pay their rent every month by giving them more options.

    So why do we charge at all?

    The short answer is that even in 2014, it’s still expensive to process credit card transactions and there’s just no way around the fees. This is why we also offer the option to pay on a debit card which is $4.95/month regardless of the rent amount. It’s not only cheaper for us to process debit transactions, but it’s also the way many of us currently pay for things like groceries, clothing, and utilities.

    Being financially responsible.

    USA Today published an article describing the benefits of paying by a Credit Card. Some of these include:

    • If using a credit card is the only way you can pay your rent on time, the credit fee is often much less than a payday loan or the late fee your landlord will charge you.
    • Paying your rent with a credit card can help you build or repair your credit score very quickly.
    • Paying your rent with a credit card gives you cash back or other perks like airline points.

    In each of these situations, it really only makes sense to use your credit card if you’re paying it off every month. We certainly don’t want renters falling deep into debt by racking up credit card fees.

    So, how is it going so far?

    We’re only a few days in from launch but so far, most renters using Pay with RadPad are paying with their debit card, not their credit card. And this makes lots of sense to us!

    People want the convenience of RadPad paying their rent for them, but don’t want to rack up the credit fees. But for those who can’t make their rent on time or have decided they’re ok with paying the additional fee, the credit option is always there.

    We’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks as we learn more about how people are using RadPad to manage their rent. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can try Pay with RadPad for yourself here.

  4. Pay your Rent with RadPad & Retire your Checkbook Forever

    When we started RadPad last year we knew that some day we’d build a feature that would set us free of our checkbooks. There’s something that feels so inconvenient about writing a check and dropping it off every month just to pay the rent.

    We realized that what we really wanted was a mobile option that enabled us to use our credit or debit cards to pay the rent; essentially the same way we pay for everything else in our lives.

    After months of building this very feature, we’re excited to introduce you to Pay with RadPad - the most convenient, flexible and secure way to pay your rent every month. Your landlord doesn’t even have to use RadPad to Pay with RadPad. We do everything for you.

    So how does Pay with RadPad work?

    All it takes is about 90-seconds to set up your monthly rent payment from our website or mobile app.

    Designed to be incredibly fast.
    You can pay your rent no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


    Credit & Debit.

    Retire your checkbook because now you can pay your rent using your credit or debit card.


    Your landlord doesn’t need to be on RadPad.

    We take care of making sure your rent is paid on time, every time, even if your landlord is old school and only takes checks.


    You’re always in control.
    Make updates (or don’t) to your rent payment anytime you want.


    And that’s it! RadPad pays your rent every single month.

    While you’re out enjoying your life, you can always check to see the status of your rent. You’ll always know before you’re charged, when your rent is sent, when it’s been received and when your landlord has cashed your payment.

    You can always change your payment details. You have complete control over all aspects of your rent payment and as you Pay with RadPad every month, you build a payment history that you’ll be show your future landlord on your next move.

    So if you’re ready to retire your checkbook forever, Pay with RadPad and go back to living your life. Download RadPad for iPhone or head over to our website.

  5. Why RadPad cares about immigration reform

    I’ve been a cofounder of a Los Angeles-based startup for two years now as the main designer and Creative Director. We have received millions in venture capital backing, had multiple acquisition offers, and design has been a huge part of that.

    Additionally, I have been offered jobs by dozens of the top tech firms and startups in the country. Unfortunately, my immigration options as a Canadian citizen are extremely limited due to my lack of a design degree; meaning my skills and talents aren’t formally recognized by most visa options.

    Nearly 4 years ago, I dropped out of a top business undergraduate program in Canada to pursue what was just a hobby at the time: design. It was a huge risk, but has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

    When I started RadPad with my cofounders who are in L.A. (and US citizens), we had never imagined it would be so difficult to attain a visa due to my limited options. The O-1, which I have currently applied for (pending), is expensive and very hard to secure because of all the extraordinary requirements it sets out.

    The TN is not an option without an education or certificate. The H-1B is not widely available due to the hundreds of thousands who apply each year.

    In 2012 alone, only 1,592 visas were issued to those without a US Bachelor Degree out of 135,530 issued total. Foreigners like myself have the skills desired by top US tech firms but are being shut out because we don’t have a diploma framed on the wall.

    Times are changing, and while a formal education is still considered important we have seen tons of successful tech entrepreneurs rise without having gone to a post-secondary institution. Please review the unfair immigration system and allow people like myself to work within and contribute to the United States.

    - Tyler Galpin,
    CoFounder & Creative Director, RadPad

  6. Introducing ‘Ask RadPad’

    We’re really proud to announce the release of ‘Ask RadPad' a new area of RadPad that will help renters get answers to those really tough questions that come up when renting.


    Renters often email or tweet us asking for help getting answers to some really interesting questions. Questions like:

    Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming trying to keep up and answer our customers’ questions so we came up with ‘Ask RadPad’ as a way to share all this content and hopefully help other renters asking themselves the same questions.

    We’ve put together a really talented team (landlords, lawyers, government officials, bloggers) helping us answer questions, which we’ll be posting every week on the official ‘Ask RadPad’ site.

    To check out ‘Ask RadPad’ and see if a question you have was answered, or to submit us a question you have but we haven’t answered, head over to: http://www.onradpad.com/ask-radpad.

  7. We made a rap video: ‘Here Goes the Neighborhood’

    We do things a bit differently at RadPad - like make rap videos when we’re not busy building new features.

    Introducing the world premier of ‘Here Goes the Neighborhood.’

    Join Brad aka Master B-Rad (Abrams Artists’ Bret Green) as he moves out of his parent’s house, fights off scammers, and throws a major party in his new RadPad.

    Digging the song? You can download the official track (Here Goes the Neighborhood) on iTunes.

  8. 'Here Goes the Neighborhood' Official Rap Song & Lyrics

    Download the official song Here Goes the Neighborhood' from iTunes. 

    Here Goes the Neighborhood

    Stuck in the valley in my racecar bunk bed
    Hearin’ mom callin “Have you found a place yet?”
    Wallet running low but I gotta find a rental
    Wasting all my time with the West Side Stressfuls

    What to my surprise flashin’ on my tv screen
    An application aimed making life easy for me
    In the blink of an eye
    He handed me a key
    To my very own rad pad
    Now I’m Master B

    Master B-Rad
    You got the pad
    Tired of livin’ life wich-yo mom n’dad
    Rent no worries all is good
    And here goes the neighborhood

    Stacey on the street tears streaming down her face
    Her down payment hit the pavement then ran off without a trace
    Who can she trust? Who should she fear?
    Her college got her hooked up in a place her senior year

    All these scammers with no manners out there asking cash up front
    Now she’s got the Rad Pad to nip that in the bud
    We verify our homies makin’ sure that they’re legit
    Unlike Deposit stealin’ Kevin who’s clearly full of shhh

    Master B-Rad
    You got the pad
    Out there savin’ honeys from scams that are bad
    Rent no worries all is good
    And here goes the neighborhood

    Now we see Jeremy renting based on pics
    Little does he know he’s about to get catfished
    Like celebrity photos they’re doctored to the max
    See this building ain’t no palace it’s got dust and mold and rats

    Just like scammin’ Randy giving you the bait and switch
    Folks’ll lure you to a place that truly don’t exist
    ‘Oh it just went off the market, I’m so sorry since you’re here
    how about this smaller model that costs twice as much per month… I mean year….?’

    SPOKEN: Oh hell no!

    Your phone is where the smart is
    Homes is where the heart is
    Go out get yo apartment
    Just click on the screen
    This is your key
    To free and easy rentin’
    Live it up with me!

    Master B-Rad
    We got the pad
    Found the best place that we’ve ever had
    Rent no worries all is good
    Here goes the neighborhood

    Master B-Rad
    We got the pad
    Go and grab this app I’m sure you’ll be glad
    Rent no worries all is good
    Here goes the neighborhood

    Written by the greats Justin Jones & Nanea Miyata (Let’s be Friends) (@letstweetfriend)

  9. These are the Top 10 Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods in Los Angeles right now!

    So you want to live in Los Angeles but you don’t want to pay the absurd rental prices that come with living in some of the most popular neighborhoods like Santa Monica, Malibu, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Downtown?

    With the median price of 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles hovering around $1,700/month, we’ve taken some time to help you discover cheaper, up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city that still have the cool, hip and trendy vibes of the more expensive neighborhoods.

    Let’s start on the coast and work our way inland.

    Expensive neighborhood: Malibu ($3,967)

    Cheaper Alternatives: Woodland Hills ($1,776), Topanga ($1,777)

    Expensive neighborhood: Santa Monica ($2,235)

    Cheaper Alternatives: West Los Angeles ($1,727), Mar Vista ($1,823)

    Expensive neighborhood: West Hollywood ($2,010)

    Cheaper Alternatives: Miracle Mile ($1,632), Mid City ($1,335)

    Expensive neighborhood: Hollywood ($3,967)

    Cheaper Alternatives: Studio City ($1,518), Los Feliz ($1,426)

    Expensive neighborhood: Downtown ($1,947)

    Cheaper Alternatives: Korea Town ($1,320), Silver Lake ($1,422)

    So you ready to find a new house or apartment in one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods? You’re sure to find your next pad here.

  10. Introducing Tags. The easiest way to find exactly what pad you want.

    One of the reasons we built RadPad was because we thought the entire process of searching for that perfect apartment was so poorly designed. Not just from a visual perspective but from a functional, just show me what I want to see standpoint. 


    When we launched RadPad, we stripped out a lot of stuff that other rental services give renters. We took out checkboxes, we removed radio buttons and instead simplified our search experience so that renters could quickly narrow down pads based on location, price, bed, bath and pets. Radio buttons and check boxes were visual noise and often didn’t include things that were important to us, like ‘Ocean Views,’ ‘Hardwood floors,’ or ‘Modern Kitchens.’ 

    No two renters have the same search criteria so it didn’t make sense to us to force renters to check a box or click a button that someone else decided was important.

    That’s why we developed Tags

    Tags are a smart way to find exactly what’s important to you! Just type in what you want and RadPad only shows you those pads. You can search for things like ‘Beach Walkout’ or ‘Parking spot’ or ‘Pool & Spa’ - basically whatever you need to find that perfect pad.

    We think it’s the best way to get what you want. What’s important to you. Of course you might not find a pad that gives you everything you want, but we think Tags will help you get pretty damn close.

    Tags are now standard on RadPad for iPhone and web

  11. What it’s like Renting in Los Angeles

    LA has a lot to brag about. We’ve got the best weather in the country, one of the hottest beaches in the world (Malibu) and some of the most creative people you’ll ever meet (aka Hollywood). There’s a lot to love about living in LA. 

    There’s also the other side of living in LA: the smog, the traffic and the painful process of finding a place to live. As you know, we live and breathe apartments at RadPad, so we thought we’d take a look at who’s living in LA and break it down in a way we could easily understand.

    So.. here’s what its like to be a renter in Los Angeles:


    Did you know LA has the highest percentage of renters in the entire country!? More than 6 in 10 of us rent vs. just under 4 in 10 who own a home (maybe it’s because we also have the most expensive home prices in the country!)


    It’s no surprise that LA, being the movie capital of the world, attracts a fairly young crowd which is represented in 30% of us ‘Millennials’ who are renting apartments. We were surprised to see that the 55+ year olds held such a high percentage of renters. Maybe the American Dream of homeownership just ain’t what it used to be?


    "LaLa is cheap." - said no one ever.

    And just where are we renters living? At $1635/month, you can find yourself a nice apartment (well that depends on your definition of ‘nice’) or if you want to really impress your friends, you can rent your own house for a whopping $6240/month on average!

    Don’t want to live in an apartment but can’t afford a house? You could always ‘be different’ and rent a boat (check out Marina del Rey).


    And finally, if you’re considering renting a house, you might want to check out Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills or Silverlake. They seem to be the hottest areas to rent homes in Los Angeles right now. 

    Or… you could always just rent an apartment in one of these fine neighborhoods.

    Download the complete infographic here.


  12. And the winner of our first ‘Pay Your Rent’ month is… (drum roll please) David Bauer!

    Last month we held a contest where we would pay your rent if you shared RadPad with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tagged us.

    More than 600 of you entered, generating nearly 324,000 impressions across three social networks. Wow!

    Congratulations to David Foy Bauer who just moved to Hollywood, CA. We’re paying your April rent David! 

    We wish we could pay everyone who entered rent’s but then we’d be broke out of business. 

  13. Introducing Real-Time Messages

    We’ve always been frustrated by how difficult it is to communicate between renters and landlords. First you have a to find a place you like, then you have to open an email program to type up and send a message and then you have to wait around for the landlord to hopefully reply.

    If you don’t get a reply, you wonder why? Did they receive my message? Did they already rent the apartment? Sometimes you forget if you even sent a message because there’s not an easy way to manage all of your communication and that’s definitely frustrating.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.


    We’ve been hard at work fixing all the things we most hated about the entire communication process and today, we’re proud to turn on ‘Real Time Messaging’ from RadPad.

    Beginning today, Renters and Landlords who use RadPad will have their very own mailbox for sending, receiving and managing messages. And guess what, it syncs perfectly between RadPad for mobile and web ensuring you never miss a message.

    What makes our mailbox so special is what we put under the hood!

    Messages are designed to be like text messages. They’re fast and feel familiar to how you’re already used to sending messages.

    Your mailbox stores all of your messages for every apartment you message, making it incredibly easy to remember & manage the messages you’ve sent.


    You’ll know when a landlord (or a renter) read your message, even if the landlord (or renter) isn’t using RadPad and opened your message from their Gmail, Yahoo or personal email account.

    You’ll know where landlords (and renters) are sending you messages from with built-in location. We think this is important for a number of reasons, one of them being to prevent fraud & scams.


    Instant chat makes chatting in real time possible because messages you receive can be read immediately, meaning there’s no delay in sending or receiving new messages and you can hold a conversation just like you would when you text message.

    Finally, we’ve added push and email notifications so that you’ll never miss a message, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. Remember, sometimes being the first to reply means being the first to apply :)


    Our goal has always been to make renting suck less and less and we hope our new real-time messaging service will make the entire process just a little bit easier on you.

  14. RadPad is paying YOUR April Rent!

    Want us to pay your rent next month? As a way to say thanks for using RadPad, we’ve decided to hold a little contest and we’ll pay you (if you win) the entire amount of your rent next month!

    Entering is easy.

    Just upload this photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and mention or hashtag @RadPad or #RadPad in your post.


    On Tuesday April 1st we’ll announce the winner and send you (if you win) a check for the amount of your April rent.

    Good luck!

  15. Building your trust

    This week it came to our attention that a rental service in Los Angeles has been listing hundreds of rentals on RadPad in an effort to damage RadPad’s reputation by confusing you.

    We heard from a lot of you guys that you’d seen certain apartments on RadPad and called the contact number only to be directed to their rental service whereby they’d attempt to force you to pay them a monthly fee in order to get more information on the apartment.

    Not only does this violate multiple sections of our Terms of Service, which prohibits anyone from listing an apartment that they do not own or manage, but also grossly violates the trust that we’re working so hard to build with you, our customers.

    RadPad is free and it will always be free to browse and contact properties. We will never charge you to find a great place to live.

    We have worked very hard to create a more efficient, transparent, and safe way to find an awesome place to live. While we’re not even close to being done, we will defend what we’ve built and go after anyone who attempts to erode the trust we’re working to build with you.

    If you come across a listing on RadPad that you feel is suspicious, isn’t represented accurately, or in someway violates our Terms of Service, you can always click the ‘Report this listing’ button and let us know. We check every single listing that is reported.

    Thank you for helping us build a better way to rent. It’s your feedback and continued use of RadPad that’s helping us get better and better.

    Most sincerely,

    Jonathan Eppers
    CEO & Founder, RadPad