Reactive RadPad

By Adam Schuld on

RadPad made the switch to Facebook-created React.js framework and Flux architecture for our experience of "Finding a Pad". At RadPad, we are always trying to improve the process of finding a home to rent and React/Flux aligned with our main technical goals. It was a 3 month journey to transition our Angular framework... read

RadPad is now up and running in San Francisco

By RadPad on

Hi locals, bohemians, hippies, burners, runners, techies and all Bay Area lovers! Leanna, here, coming at you on behalf of RadPad. I am beyond thrilled to be leading the helm as the local RadPad Community Manager. We are all in this together, after all. Us against the rental market, against the rental prices, against... read

How RadPad is using bad data to help you find your next apartment.

By Jonathan Eppers on

In the spring of 2012, I started looking for a new place to live. Not because I didn’t like my current apartment, I actually lived in this really awesome condo in the heart of West Hollywood. It also had nothing to do with my landlord, whom I had become good friends with while renting from him over five years. I wanted... read

RadPad has arrived in Miami

By Camilo Sandoval on

Hola mi gente! My name is Camilo and I’m very excited to join RadPad as the brand new Community Manager in Miami. I have big plans to take over the city and can’t wait to get started. Being born in Colombia and growing up in Miami allows me to identify 100% with the city. I am part of the cocktail mix. I live in... read

Bringing People in to RadPad. We’re betting our future on it.

By Jonathan Eppers on

Today is a major day in RadPad’s history. We launched a feature that not only am I very, very excited about, but that sets the stage for the future of RadPad. Today is the first day we’re introducing People to RadPad. Huh? You ask. Renting is a lonely experience for most people. Unless you have a roommate... read

RadPad Introduces New Feature To Make Apartment Living Ridiculously Easy

By Craig Chester on

Today, RadPad is excited to announce the launch of a new feature to further streamline and improve the rental process for apartment hunters nationwide. The new service - called “RadPad Brosephs” - aims to help renters by recruiting some totally cool broskis to move and live in any apartment on RadPad on their... read

Have roommates? Pay with RadPad and pay your rent together!

By RadPad on

Not long after we released Pay with RadPad last October, allowing renters to easily pay rent to their landlord with a credit or debit card, we quickly got to work on Pay with RadPad Roommates. A lot of us at RadPad have roommates and while using Pay with RadPad makes it incredibly easy and convenient to pay our own... read